Our mission is to challenge Islamophobia, and all forms of oppression, using education and the arts. 



Indigenous Solidarity

Islamophobia is linked to anti-Indigenous racism. We can only address Islamophobia by building solidarity with Indigenous communities and by understanding that Islamophobia and colonialism go hand-in-hand. 


Black Liberation and Anti-Racism







Black Muslims face both anti-Black racism and Islamophobia (sometimes called anti-Black Islamophobia). Rivers of Hope prioritizes the voices and needs of Black Muslims.

Islamophobia affects many different kinds of people - hate does not discriminate. We support all survivors of Islamophobic violence, including people who are LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, and non-Muslims such as Sikhs who also may face Islamophobic violence.

Rivers of Hope's work is informed and led by survivors of Islamophobic violence. We do not blame people who have lived through Islamophobic violence for what they went through and we try to create resources to meet their needs.

We aim to be accountable to our communities and are always open to constructive feedback on our work.